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You've left me with nothing except rumors of your death. I couldn't believe it! I still won't believe it! Never. Not until I witness proof of your death with my own eyes.

- Freya, reminising about Fratley.

You can read any stories submitted to the shrine from the list below. Click on the title, and it will open up in a new browser tab. You can also find more stories on the RoER Stories forum.

Worse Than Death
By Hunter Bahamut

An alternative interpetation to Fratley's fate in Final Fantasy IX. Freya is called to meet with her lost love, as he prepares to divulge a dark secret to her.

The Village Among the Clouds
By Allen Clearwater

Allen Clearwater is a down-to-earth Burmecian, who enjoys his life as a farmer and a family man. But when a mysterious figure from his past reveals that Allan was once a Dragon Knight, Allan is forced back into a life he once left behind.

The Rat and the Gizamaluke
By Humblerodent

A transcription of notes detailing some of the earlier adventures of Sir Fratley, before the events of Final Fantasy 9.

Letting Go
By Elizabeth Whittaker

Freya is trying to move on from the past and her hurting feelings at Fratley's departure. The one to heal her is her niece, Ti'Mae, who knows that pain very well, and how to let it mend.

By Nivalis Capistrum

Freya Crescent and her lover Fratley spend a holiday together at their home in Burmecia. The weather outside is freezing cold, but the two Burmecians have their love to keep them warm... until somebody forgets to take their hairball medicine.

Forever Watching You
By Csthane

A one-shot featuring an average Burmecian, set 60 years after the events of Final Fantasy IX.

Demon's Angel
By LancerZero

Freya is faced with some difficult questions after the FF9 party is turned upside down... What is love? What is duty? And what is a dragoon to do when the two come in conflict with each other?

Burmecian Chronicles
By Robshi

Set before the events of Final Fantasy IX, this story depicts the early lives of Freya and Fratley, and Fratley's adopted half-breed brother Frato.