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My spear will purge the land of you! You shall fall like leaves in the wind under the force of my blade!

- Sir Fratley, about to lay the smackdown on some Black Mages.

Update - 02 Aug 2017

Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, the Realm of Eternal Rain has been under attack from malicious crawler bots within the last three months. The result of these attacks has led to a loss of artwork, stories, and our sole project, Aaron's cosplay project. Fortunately, I have been able to restore most of this data using backups issued by my host Zernebok, with varying levels of success.

In the wake of these attacks, I have decided to address this issue head-on and improve overall site security. In addition to adding an additional login system to the administration area, I have also taken a further step and added reCAPTCHA forms to both the Submissions and Contact forms, which hopefully will cut down on the amount of spam I've been receiving. At this moment in time, I can't say for certain that RoER is now completely bot-proof, so I'll be monitoring both the site's database and my inbox closely just to be sure.

Finally, and something that isn't all doom-and-gloom... we have a new story submitted to us by Humblerodent - The Rat and the Gizamaluke. Humble has recently joined the RoER forums and wanted to share his writings to the world. You can see his work over here.

As always, please report any bugs or issues you have with the site either by email, or on the forums - especially where missing content is concerned, given the nature of this update.

See you guys soon!

- Declan Tribal

Update - 16 Mar 2017

Hi everyone! Almost four years ago, we brought you the Realm of Eternal Rain, V8. It was a step up from V7 in regards to moving the shrine from a bare-bones Freya site to the number one resource for all things Burmecian and Cleyran. In July 2014, I began work on V9, with the intention of addressing a number of issues V8 brought, along with a lack of mobile support and (in my eyes) a rather ugly looking layout. So... I worked on and off on the it, and finally, after two and a half years of development, I finally bring you V9!

A lot has changed since the last update, so here's a brief rundown on what's changed since V8:

  • Completely revamped site layout, in preparation for mobile and tablet friendly versions
  • Completely rewritten site code with security fixes for the admin backend
  • Addition of missing sections (Locations and History, Notable Citizens)
  • Addition of Footer Widgets - Quick About section, Updates, Latest Tweets, and Donate button
  • All pages now come with a quote from the game at the top of each page
  • Replaced News blog with a simple Site Update system
  • Removal of Blog Comments, Project Comments and IP blacklisting
  • Removal of ShareThis buttons on social posts (news, projects etc.)

As always, you can always report any bugs or issues using the forums:

Thank you, and see you soon!

- Declan Tribal
Realm of Eternal Rain Webmaster