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My spear will purge the land of you! You shall fall like leaves in the wind under the force of my blade!

- Sir Fratley, about to lay the smackdown on some Black Mages.

Update - 16 Mar 2017

Hi everyone! Almost four years ago, we brought you the Realm of Eternal Rain, V8. It was a step up from V7 in regards to moving the shrine from a bare-bones Freya site to the number one resource for all things Burmecian and Cleyran. In July 2014, I began work on V9, with the intention of addressing a number of issues V8 brought, along with a lack of mobile support and (in my eyes) a rather ugly looking layout. So... I worked on and off on the it, and finally, after two and a half years of development, I finally bring you V9!

A lot has changed since the last update, so here's a brief rundown on what's changed since V8:

  • Completely revamped site layout, in preparation for mobile and tablet friendly versions
  • Completely rewritten site code with security fixes for the admin backend
  • Addition of missing sections (Locations and History, Notable Citizens)
  • Addition of Footer Widgets - Quick About section, Updates, Latest Tweets, and Donate button
  • All pages now come with a quote from the game at the top of each page
  • Replaced News blog with a simple Site Update system
  • Removal of Blog Comments, Project Comments and IP blacklisting
  • Removal of ShareThis buttons on social posts (news, projects etc.)

As always, you can always report any bugs or issues using the forums:

Thank you, and see you soon!

- Declan Tribal
Realm of Eternal Rain Webmaster